The ABC's of DVG
Who are all the Players?

Adapted from articles by Robert Egolf (March, 1987) and Ron Maloney (May & June, 1995) first published in DVG America Magazine and from personal communications with Carole Patterson.

Assembled in chart form, the organizational structure of dog clubs to which the LV/DVG America belongs looks like the following:

FCI  --- VDH  --- AZG  --- DHV  --- DVG  --- LV  --- KG  --- LOCAL CLUB

International Kennel Club Federation
"Federation Cynologique International"

The umbrella organization for almost every kennel club in the world. Two notable exceptions of this are the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kingdom Kennel Club (KC)

German Kennel Club
"Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen"

The German equivalent to the AKC except that the VDH is more of a governing body and does not maintain breed records. Like the AKC it is not an organization of individual members but rather an organization whose members are other organizations, alliances or clubs, including DHV.

Working Dog Council
"Arbeitsgemeinshaft der Rassehundezücht-vereine und Gebrauchschundeverbande"

The group which oversees all the working dog clubs. Groups belonging to the AZG include breed clubs such as the Shepherd Club (SV), Rottweiler Club (ADRK), and Doberman Club (DV), along with nine other breed clubs. It is not truly a free standing organization, but rather a working council under the German Kennel Club (VDH). This is where the trial rules are actually written, adopted and amended; not just for schutzhund but for all types of trials and competitions in Germany. The members of this council are appointed or elected from the various breed clubs and dog training organizations in Germany. The trial rules produced by this body are made in the name of and under the authority of the German Kennel Club, VDH.

German Working Dog Association
"Deutscher Hundesportverband"

This is the umbrella organization for seven different training organizations, including the DVG. It is the only member of the AZG which is not breed specific and is solely dedicated to training. It has around 100,000 members and is second in size only to the SV. The member organizations of the DHV are as follows:

The DHV publishes and distributes the Trial Rules that have been approved by the AZG for Schutzhund (SchH), tracking dogs (FH), companion dogs (BH), watchdogs (WH) and rescue dogs. The DHV is also the final authority for appointing, supervising and disciplining the trial judges who judge the above degrees and promulgates the judges rules, which provide the framework within which these judges are trained, appointed, and function. When a DVG judge is appointed, the actual appointment is made by the Chief Trial Judge (Leistungsrichterobmann - LRO) of the DVG, but the appointment is made in the name of and under the authority of the Chief Trial Judge of the DHV.

German Association of Working Dog Sport Clubs
"Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine"

Like all other DHV members, DVG is strictly a training organization. The DVG is non-breed specific. It schedules and approves trial dates, provides the immediate framework within which Trial Judges are trained, appointed and function, keeps all of the records and documents concerning our dog's titles and supervises and supports all of the local clubs that comprise its membership. The DVG was founded in 1902 as the Polizehund Verein (PHV) or Police Dog Club. It changed its name in 1912 to the Reichsverband für Polizei - und Schutzhunde (RVPH) or National Alliance for Police - and Protection Dogs, and in 1947 became the DVG.

Mailing Address:

Landesverband DVG America
(LV/DVG America)

One of 14 LV's within the DVG. Covers both the United States and Canada

LV/DVG America Officers


There are four regional groups, or KG's within the North American LV. They are

  • North Region
  • Southeast Region
  • Midwest Region
  • Western Region
  • Local Club

    DVG local clubs are located throughout the United States and Canada. To locate a club nearest to you see the lists of DVG clubs in your region ("Kriesgruppe"). Select your region (or state) from the list below.

  • North Kreisgruppe (USA - CT, DE, MA, NH,NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT & CANADA - NB, ON, PQ)
  • Southeast Kreisgruppe (AL,FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, VA,WV)
  • Midwest Kreisgruppe (AR,IL, IN,IA, KS,KY,LA, MI,MN, MO,NB,ND, OH, OK,SD, TN, TX, WI)
  • Western Kreisgruppe (USA - AK, AZ, CA, CO, ID,MT,NM, NV, OR, UT, WA,WY & CANADA - AB, BC)

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