Trial Helper Certification Under LV/DVG America

Table of Contents

A. Qualifications for Certification:
B. Application for Helper Certification by a Club.
C. Individual Application for Certification
D. The Certification
E. Maintaining Certified Helper Status.
F. Sanctions.
G. Trial Requirements
H. Helper Equipment
I. Championships
Appendix I - Application for Trial Helper Certification
Appendix II - Trial Helper Evaluation Form in html format
Appendix IIa - Trial Helper Evaluation Form in pdf format
 New Appendix IIIa - Guidelines Concerning the Performance of Helpers in Protection in pdf format

The Trial Helper Certification Program under LV/DVG America has three primary goals:

If the program seems demanding it is because of the necessity of allowing only the best helpers to test our dogs in trials. The hope is that the score will be meaningful and reflect the work which has been performed by the trainer and recognize the natural abilities of the dog. LV/DVG America recognizes the many fine trial helpers in this country and acknowledges the sacrifices they have made for the sport. If our standards are to be maintained then adherence to the following guidelines must not be compromised. It is our intention that all members of the LV recognize the importance of these guidelines and strive to comply for the good of all our sportfriends.